Guns Of The FBI: A History Of The Bureau’s Firearms And Training

Perhaps no law enforcement agency is as respected for its work in firearm training and ballistic research than the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Running The Gun: Double-Action Revolvers Revisted

It used to be that virtually every law-enforcement officer in America had a double-action revolver in his or her holster—not so anymore. But the wheelgun remains a viable option for self-defense, so here are some crucial tips on how to use one.

The 'Light Fifty's' Baby Brother: Barrett's 98B

Best known for its .50 BMG Model 82 and M107 rifles, Barrett Mfg. has continued to make inroads into the precision bolt-action rifle market with smaller calibers. The latest is the Model 98B—available in so many options, it is nearly a custom rifle.

'Bring Enough Gun:' A History Of The FBI's Long Arms

The sight of a G-Man with a Thompson is one of the most iconic images of the FBI. But the Bureau has issued its agents many other long guns, ranging from pump-action Remingtons to Rock River M4s.

A History Of FBI Handguns

The FBI has issued a wide variety of handguns to its agents over the years.

Walter Walsh

NRA members have their choice of either American Rifleman, American Hunter or America’s 1st Freedom as a benefit with their membership. All are fine books, but those of you who opt for the legendary first-ever gun magazine—American Rifleman—got a special treat in November.

The Amazing Life Of Walter R. Walsh

As a record-setting shooter, Marine officer, FBI agent and Olympic competitor, Walsh has led an interesting and amazing life.


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