By the Decade: Wiley Clapp’s Favorite Handgun—The 1960s

Wiley Clapp's Marine Corps service influenced his choice for his favorite pistol of the 1960s.

America Remembers Freedom Rolls Across America Tribute Rifle

The Founding Fathers never knew the thrill of letting a V-Twin “off its leash” on a stretch of empty highway, but it definitely sounded like they had riders in mind when they wrote about “certain unalienable Rights … ."

CMMG Announces MkG45 AR-15 Rifle

CMMG Announces MkG45 AR-15 Rifle

NRA Gun of the Week: Walther PPQ 45 Pistol

American Rifleman's Kelly Young takes a closer look at Walther's first-ever .45-cal. pistol.

NRA Gun of the Week: Smith & Wesson M&P45 Shield Pistol

The M&P Shield series started a trend in 2012, and this year the line offers more. Check out this week’s video hosted by Joe Kurtenbach.

Smith & Wesson Announces M&P45 Shield Pistol

Just announced at the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits, Smith & Wesson Corp. is now offering its popular M&P Shield pistol in .45 Auto.

Springfield Expands XD-S Pistol to Include .40 Cal.

Springfield Armory has expanded its XD-S series of carry pistols to include a .40-cal. model.

NRA Gun of the Week: AirForce Texan Airgun

They say everything is bigger in Texas, including the AirForce airgun that bears the state’s name.

Product Preview: America Remembers Vietnam Tribute Pistol

Our nation commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War in 2015, and in honor of the 2.7 million American men and women who valiantly answered the call of duty during that conflict, America Remembers has issued the limited edition Vietnam Tribute to Valor Pistol.

Roberts Defense Desert Ops Custom 1911

After years of custom gunsmithing work, Roberts Defense set out in 2011 to launch a line of high-quality 1911 pistols constructed in the United States using only the best American-made components. The Desert Ops Custom 1911 is one such offering.

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