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New For 2023: Taurus Judge Home Defender

For 2023, Taurus USA now offers a unique version of its Judge revolver. The Taurus Judge Home Defender includes a lengthy barrel to increase muzzle velocity, and a polymer fore-end for additional support.

Shotshell Innovation At Winchester Ammunition

Winchester is one of the industry leaders when it comes to shotshell ammunition. The company stays on top of the market by innovating with its shot, powder, primers and other components.

Rossi's Diverse Lineup

While Rossi's latest wheelguns have caused quite a stir among firearm enthusiasts this year, it's hard not to forget about all of the other great guns its bringing to the American market, such as pump-action guns, rimfire repeaters and shotguns.

.45 Colt/.410 Bore Handguns Versus Non-NFA Shotguns

Building handguns that can safely fire revolver and shotgun cartridges is a tricky business made necessary by current federal regulations.

New For 2023: TriStar Arms LR94

Recently, several companies have begun to offer a lever-action shotgun in .410 Bore, including TriStar Arms with its LR94.

New For 2023: KelTec KSG410

That’s right, KelTec has unveiled its latest iteration of its innovative KSG-series shotgun for 2023 with an exciting and light-recoiling chambering option for home defenders nationwide: .410 bore.

5 Hard-Hitting New Shotguns For 2023

This year, we're seeing many shotguns that are built on proven operating systems but have been updated to be even more controllable and easily used by today's consumers.

New For 2023: Taurus Judge Executive Grade

Taurus USA has announced, for 2023, it will be extending its exclusive Executive Grade treatment to the popular and unique Judge revolver line.

The Taurus Judge Story

Originally started as a gimmick by Taurus with its .45 Long Colt revolvers, the Judge line has established itself in the market as a potent compact package with its .410 bore chambering.

Krieghoff K-80: A Dominant Over-Under Shotgun Line

Today the K-80 is available in eight different versions and continues to dominate. Its performance remains world-class, thanks to a solid design and the company’s willingness to listen to feedback.

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