3032 Tomcat 32 Auto Covert LEFT

The Beretta Tomcat: A .32 ACP Pocket Pistol

Beretta released the Tomcat in 1996, and the tiny pistol chambered in .32 ACP continues to be an option for concealed carry and backup use.

.32 ACP Pocket Pistols

Sub-compact .32 ACP pistols are still among the most compact and lightweight backup and hideout guns available. They offer a much better level of stopping power and selection of defense-grade ammunition than similarly sized .22s and .25s. Kel-Tec and North American Arms each provide pistols with a unique set of features, but both guns are reliable and eminently pocketable.

.32 ACP Pocket Pistols

Kel-Tec and North American Arms both provide truly pocketable .32 ACP autos for use as back-up guns and for deep concealment.


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