I Have This Old Gun—German MG.08 Machine Gun

Germany’s MG.08 machine gun was considered the queen of the battlefield in World War I, completely changing the nature of warfare. Learn more in this episode of American Rifleman TV’s “I Have This Old Gun.”

Tonight on American Rifleman TV: The Men and Guns of the Pacific, Part 3; Colt Competition Pistol

The ARTV crew heads to Saipan, site of the first battle where American Marines and Soldiers encountered Japanese civilians.

Tonight on American Rifleman TV: The Men and Guns of the Pacific War, Part 6; Colt Lightweight Commander

Watch a preview of tonight episode of American Rifleman TV, which concludes its in-depth look at "The Men and Guns of the Pacific War."

Video—ARTV: Melvin Johnson’s Automatics

Check out this segment from a recent episode of American Rifleman TV to learn more about inventor Melvin Maynard Johnson and his guns.

Video—Shooting the MG42 Machine Gun

Firing an historic rifle such as the MG42, then reviewing footage of it in operation, provides an irreplaceable lesson in World War II history.


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