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The "Feel" of a Handgun

Many people choose a handgun by the way it feels in their hands. However, it’s a gun’s shooting ability that should be considered most crucial.

Understanding the Wheel

Wiley Clapp examines what today’s automatic-oriented shooters know about understanding the wheel (gun).

It Could be a Contender

For those who simply want something simple and easy for teaching beginners and shooting informal matches, Wiley Clapp says there's nothing quite like Thompson/Center Contender.

Ambidexterity in Handguns

There may be upward of 41 million left-handed Americans, and a significant number of these people are shooters who must deal with firearms designed for right-handed use.

More on the Forty

After a storm of controversy erupted over Wiley Clapp's blog comments on the .40 S&W, the veteran handgunner looks at the situation a little more in-depth.

Identification Numbers?

Wiley Clapp recently came to believe that the use of the term "serial number" may be a big mistake. A far better term might be identification number.

Is Bargain Ammo a Bargain?

Everybody loves to shoot on the cheap and not all avid handgunners take the reloading route. At least for now, the supply of centerfire ammo seems to be pretty good.

Hangin’ In: The .41 Magnum

For sheer perserverence in the face of adversity, you can’t beat the grand old .41 Magnum. Although this so-called “middle magnum” was never on the top of the heap in revolver cartridge popularity, it stoutly withstood repeated efforts to cancel it out. This business of a revolver that was not just a supplement to the sporting rifle, started with the .357 Mag. in 1935.

Walther CCP Compact 9 mm

When it comes to physics, rules are rules, right? A gun of a certain chambering has to be a certain size—well, not necessarily. With its gas-delayed blowback CCP, Walther offers a carry-size 9 mm that is surprisingly soft-shooting and ergonomic to boot.

Ammo for the Forty-One

Back when I was shooting IHMSA and loading my own ammo, I became a devotee of the middle magnum—the .41.

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