The Kimber Talkeetna

Neither a mountain rifle nor a heavyweight, it may be just right.

Thompson/Center ICON Precision Hunter

Reaching out long distance just got easier.

Kimber 8400 Standard

Kimber engineers let function dictate form when they designed the 8400 bolt-action rifle; everything follows performance, beauty is inherent in its design.

Model 1898 Mauser

The benchmark used to measure bolt-action rifles.

A Clean Barrel

A clean barrel just shoots better, or does it?

Shooting 70 Years of Model 70s

How well do the various generations of Winchester Model 70s shoot?

Making The Long Shot

Successful long-range shooting requires you to know your rifle intimately.

The Steyr Elite 08

Getting the job done.

He Got It All Right

An Interview with Stephen Hunter.

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