Holding On to Your Handgun: Galco Holster

In the past few years, Galco has quietly added a locking holster to its thermoplastic Matrix series.

Holding On to Your Handgun: Blackhawk Holster

Blackhawk got the world to sit up and take notice of what could be done in the area of retention holsters with the introduction of its SERPA.

Holding On to Your Handgun

Far from being a mere holder for your handgun, a holster can also ensure that you are the only one able to draw your gun.

Blackhawk Stealth Enhanced Battle Bag

The Blackhawk Stealth Enhanced Battle Bag has enough room for papers, tools, electronics and a handgun and extra ammunition.

BLACKHAWK! Kudu Stretch Sling

The Kudu sling is made of nylon webbing with rubber ribs to make carrying a rifle more comfortable.

BLACKHAWK! Under the Radar Bags and Pouches

It's no secret that the same things that make our electronics valuable to us also have a habit of making them quite appealing to would-be thieves. Worse, modern criminals are growing increasingly tech-savvy. To help combat such threats, BLACKHAWK! has released a nifty line of products that are designed to make your electronics both harder to find, and harder to access remotely.

BLACKHAWK Diversion Carry Slingpack

The BLACKHAWK Diversion Carry Slingpack provides room for a small amount of gear, including a special compartment with a holster for carrying a handgun.

Turkey Hunting With A Home-Defense Shotgun?

Provided that you choose the right load, your home-defense shotgun is all you need to pursue the king of spring.

Kevlar Hand Protection: Lessons Learned In Afghanistan

Lessons from the Sandbox tell civilian shooters what to look for in a tactical glove.

Review: Lipsey's Exclusive Ruger Bisley Super Blackhawk .44 Mag.

This Ruger Bisley Super Blackhawk single-action revolver from Lipsey's packs a punch for personal protection in the great outdoors.

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