By the Decade: Wiley Clapp's Favorite Handgun—The 2000s

It was a striker-fired pistol called the "XD" from Springfield-Armory that caught Wiley Clapp's attention in the 21st century.

Keith On Single Action Loading

Putting five beans in the wheel is easier than you think.

What's A Cockeyed Hammer?

Handgun modifications can be good, and bad.

Sights, Then and Now

Handgun sights come in a variety of styles and colors.

Chick Gaylord

Author of Handgunner's Guide.

Sheriff’s Model

Colt still makes a version of its Single Action Army.

Covert Carrier

New concept on an old idea.

The Hammer

Two shots, center of mass, is real world practice.

Free Falling

American shooters prefer multiple magazines.

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