TriggerTech AR Safety

Product Preview: TriggerTech AR Safety

Although primarily revered for its superb drop-in bolt-action and AR-platform triggers, TriggerTech also offers a safety selector upgrade for AR-15 rifles that incorporates a number of convenient features.

Preview: CMC Triggers Goldfinger

CMC Triggers recently added to its diverse line of drop-in, AR-15/AR-10 triggers with the distinctive Goldfinger.

Preview: RMT Triggers Nomad

While there are many drop-in AR-15 triggers on the market, few are more adaptable to an individual shooter than the RMT Nomad. Unlike other, more-traditional designs, the Nomad is built with a unique trigger blade that includes up to six degrees of rotation and pivot.

Preview: Timney Triggers Impact AR Straight Shoe Trigger

The Impact AR Trigger from Timney Triggers is now available with a straight-shoe design rather than the traditional curved trigger shoe.

Preview: CMC Triggers Kragos Glock Slide

In this preview we take a look at the new CMC Triggers Kragos aftermarket slide for Glock G17 and G19 striker-fired semi-automatic handguns.

Product Preview: Velocity Marksman Performance Choice Trigger

The Marksman Performance Choice (MPC) Trigger from Velocity Triggers gives AR-15-style arms a factory-set 3-lb. trigger pull with a customized feel thanks to a personalized trigger shoe.

Product Preview: Mosin-Nagant Timney Trigger

Timney Triggers’ Featherweight Deluxe is made in the U.S.A. and provides an adjustable upgrade to Russian-designed, military-surplus Mosin-Nagant rifles.

Back To Basics: Rifle Triggers

Having a clear definition of a trigger is critical in the understanding of how it works.

5 Ways To Stay In Love With Your Used Rifle

This disappointing used gun purchase was brought back to life with a few quality components and a bit of elbow grease.

Apex Tactical Supports C.O.P.S.

The Thin Blue Line Series from Apex Tactical offers an enhanced, black trigger with a blade-in-trigger safety that is blue.

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