Obsidian Arms Complete AR-15 Armorer’s Punch Set

Product Preview: Obsidian Arms Complete AR-15 Armorer’s Punch Set

Designed with input from professional armorers and made in the United States, Obsidian Arms’ 12-piece punch set for AR-style rifles and pistols is also accompanied by a lifetime warranty.

Editor’s Choice: KelTec KSG 410

KelTec’s original 12-ga. KSG helped normalize the concept of a bullpup shotgun, and, as a result, not only is the industry now replete with such designs, but it remains one of the company’s best-selling products.

Editor’s Choice: Franchi Momentum All-Terrain Elite

Franchi gains traction in its Momentum bolt-action rifle line with the All-Terrain Elite model. Featuring a free-floated 18" barrel, flip-up iron sights and an optic rail that extends well past the receiver ring, the All-Terrain Elite is aimed squarely at the general-purpose/scout-rifle/truck-gun crowd.

Product Preview: Apertures ‘N’ More Rear Sight Replacement Parts

When individual parts from complex rear-sight assemblies go missing, they can be hard to replace because of proprietary features such as thread specifications.

Editor’s Choice: FN 510 Tactical

FN America has introduced the company’s first 10 mm Auto pistol with its FN 510 Tactical.

The Rifleman Report: To The Patriotic American

It should come as no small comfort for any patriotic American to know that the country’s firearm industry is vibrant and productive, still faithfully serving the needs of armed citizens, law-enforcement officers and military personnel—just as it has for more than two centuries.

Editor’s Choice: Rock Island Armory 5.0 ST

ARMSCOR’s RIA 5.0 ST semi-automatic 9 mm Luger pistol represents the company’s first handgun to be designed and manufactured here in the United States.

Rifleman Q&A: Mysterious ‘Trapdoor’

I have what I believe to be an 1870 Springfield Officer’s Model Carbine. What I have researched is that these rifles were converted from caplock to a centerfire mechanism, and vernier sights were added. Is my conversion authentic?

Editor’s Choice: Beretta USA A300 Ultima Patrol

Beretta's 1301 Tactical has been a popular semi-automatic shotgun for shooters across the self-defense and competition spectrum, but the cost of the platform is a barrier to many.

Editor’s Choice: ATN X-Sight 5

ATN used SHOT Show 2023 as an opportunity to unveil both the fifth generation of its digital-night-vision technology and the first of the company’s new products to put it to use—the day/night-capable X-Sight 5.

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