Wiley Clapp on Luxurious Leather Holsters

Frontier Americans often chose to carry a handgun as a defensive tool. When it comes to portable weaponry, nothing equals a handgun and there is no better way of packing it than a proper holster.

John Bianchi: The Legend

In his lifetime, John Bianchi has been a police officer, a military general, competitive shooting, author and the foremost holster maker in the world. Photos Courtesy of Blue Book Publications and John Bianchi.

Meeting A Legend: John Bianchi

His stride is confident, his handshake firm. He wears a Western sports jacket and a black bandana caught in a silver bolo instead of a tie. He looks you in the eye and calls you sir because he’s a gentleman, a perfect gentleman. His name is John Bianchi and he’s quite literally a legend in the shooting industry.

Book Review: 50 Years of Gunleather

Here’s the life story of legendary holster maker John Bianchi.

John Bianchi: An American Legend

John Bianchi was a soldier, a police officer, a competitive shooter and, of course, the world’s foremost holster maker.


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