.22-250 Rem.

Handloads: Cold-Weather Coyote Hunting With .22-250 Rem.

Several propellants are a perfect fit for the .22-250 Rem. to fire 55-grain bullets, though speeds with IMR 8208 XBR are a touch slower, XBR is insensitive to temperature changes, a plus when hunting coyotes during the winter.

New For 2023: Hi-Point 3095 Carbine In 30 Super Carry

Hi-Point Firearms introduced an industry first in 2023, with its 3095 carbine chambered in 30 Super Carry, the first long gun chambered for the new cartridge.

The Rifleman Report: To The Patriotic American

It should come as no small comfort for any patriotic American to know that the country’s firearm industry is vibrant and productive, still faithfully serving the needs of armed citizens, law-enforcement officers and military personnel—just as it has for more than two centuries.

Disaster Preparedness Trend Stalling?

According to a recent Federal Emergency Management Agency report, fewer people are "prepping" today compared to previous years.

Registration Open For 2023 Day Of Clays Events

Locations across the country have been chosen to host MidwayUSA's Day of Clays fundraising events and tournament registration is now open. Proceeds go to the support for youth shooting sports. 

’Little Guys’ To The Rescue: Federal’s Force X2 Shorty Shotshells

Federal Ammunition is always good at seeing the utility in a design and, last year (2022), released the Force X2 Shorty, a compact version of its unique split-shot shotgun load. It is a case of the “little guy” coming to the rescue.

Surveys Show Changes In Ammo, Shooting Gear Preferences

According to six Southwick Associates' surveys, hunters and firearm enthusiasts have indicated a shift in purchase preferences over the last several years. What does this mean for the future of product announcements? Read on:

Handloads: An Easy Load For A .25 ACP Heirloom

Loading for a family heirloom is always a rewarding experience, especially pistols chambered for the miniscule .25 ACP cartridge, which were often carried as backup firearms, as the case with one belonging to Edward Obarowski, Sr., of the New York Police Dept.

CMMG Mk4 Banshee .22 LR Pistol Build

Whether a complete package is desired, or piecemeal assemblies for custom rimfire pistol builds, CMMG offers nearly every part to get the job done. Here, the author put together a Mk4 Banshee .22 LR from factory parts and saved some coin in the process.

Ballistic Software—Hot & Trending In 2023

Gun owners are more connected today than ever before, and thanks to modern software and mobile hardware, today’s trendy shooter has the computing power to simply solve complex ballistic calculations with just a few swipes. Here are the trending ballistic apps of 2023.

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