3 Ways to Treat Yourself to a Better Shooting Experience

If you have some money tucked away in the ol' ammo can, there are several less-expensive purchases that can go a long way to making trigger time more comfortable, efficient and enjoyable.

Browning All-in-One Eye and Ear Protection

Shooters now have one less piece of gear to keep track of at the range thanks to Browning's new Sound Shield All-in-One shooting glasses

From Firearms to Mainstream?

Shooters know when it comes to high-quality, cutting-edge hearing protection, SportEAR leads the way. The company started by serving firearm enthusiasts, but after 15 years, it’s ready to expand into other areas—including the workplace.

7 Things You Need to Buy With Your Handgun

If you are in the market for a handgun, then you have plenty to think about in regard to choosing a make, model and caliber that will fill your needs.

GhostStryke Earpieces

GhostStryke blocks out any noises above the 85-decibel level while amplifying all the other “safe” sounds by up to six times.


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