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Rifleman Q&A: Browning “Salt Wood” Stocks

I’ve always wanted a Browning Superposed shotgun, but I’ve heard of a stock issue involving salted wood. What happened, and is it still a problem?

Book Review: FN Browning Pistols | Side Arms That Shaped World History (3rd Edition)

Author Anthony Vanderlinden's 3rd edition explores the vast history of FN Browning pistol in this 840-page, two-volume tome, including unique, full-color photography and never-before published facts.

Get A Grip: Understanding Shotgun Buttstocks

When it comes to the grip/pistol grip, there’s more than meets the eye. Here is what you need to know.

Product Preview: Jackson LeatherWork Holsters

man John Jackson makes a wide variety of holsters and magazine pouches using European single bend leather, the best part of a hide, vegetable-tanning them so as to preserve a firearm’s finish.

Rotary-Barrel Pistols: A Design That Has Come Full-Circle

While Browning's tilting-barrel design has dominated the playing field, over a century after the first rotary pistols were being built in the Austro-Hungarian empire, the rotating design has come full-circle.

I Have This Old Gun: Schmeisser Model I

It’s unfortunate that Hugo Schmeisser’s renown comes from having his surname erroneously appended to the superb World War II German MP38/40 submachine gun, a firearm he really had nothing to do with.

Undeniable: Hornady’s 7 mm Precision Rifle Cartridge

If the mystique holds, Hornady’s newly released 7 mm PRC will elbow old favorites off firing lines and out of hunting camps—hastening the spread of ultra-aerodynamic bullets.

Selby & The Superposed: A World-Class Shotgun Afield

A protégé of one of the world’s most famous professional hunters recounts his mentor’s generous gift of an over-under shotgun—one representing yet another seminal design from the greatest firearm genius in history.

Training America’s First Aerial Gunners

America was born as a nation of riflemen, and that foundation of marksmanship carried over to the fledgling pilots and aerial gunners training in America. One of the biggest problems that the Air Service faced, particularly in 1917, was an embarrassing lack of machine guns.

The Budget Bolt-Action Revolution

The bolt-action has come to the fore as the first rifle, the basic rifle, the most popular hunting rifle and one of the least-expensive choices.

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