Versacarry Concealed Carry Holsters

The Versacarry is a lightweight carry system adds virtually no bulk to the handgun and can be used by right- or left-hand shooters.

BLACKHAWK Diversion Carry Slingpack

The BLACKHAWK Diversion Carry Slingpack provides room for a small amount of gear, including a special compartment with a holster for carrying a handgun.

The Oil That Could

Ballistol is a century-old oil developed for the Imperial German Army for a variety of uses, including the cleaning and lubricating of firearms.

ExtremeBeam S.A.R. 7

A quality, pocket-sized flashlight is an important self-defense tool that can be a little expensive for many budgets. The ExtremeBeam S.A.R. series of flashlights are compact and powerful, yet affordable.

Owner Fights Back

After fighting off robbers, a store owner called 911 to report the crime. Unfortunately, there was problem, which is a classic example of why citizens need to be able to protect themselves.

Swapping Mags

It takes numerous properly working parts for a semi-auto handgun to fire, including the magazine that feeds the rounds.

Starting Them Right

Kids are curious about guns, so the best way to ensure their safety is with proper instruction, including what to do if they encounter a firearm.

Breaking in Precision 1911s

High-quality, precision 1911s come off the factory floor with much tighter tolerances than the models of previous generations. As such, they need a more careful introduction to the range.

Snow Bound

Being prepared means thinking about the little things that could help you handle an emergency just a little bit faster.

Winter Carry

Winter weather provides some advantages when carrying concealed, but it also has its drawbacks.

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