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New For 2023: Taurus GX4 Carry

Taurus expanded its GX4 line of guns in 2023 with the addition of a "Carry" model, built with a longer barrel and extended grip frame.

New For 2023: Rossi Brawler

Rossi USA is reinforcing the concept of an affordable, versatile, single-shot pistol that can be used effectively on game with its Brawler, a field-ready pistol chambered for both .45 Colt and .410 bore shotshells.

New For 2023: B&T USA APC9K SD2

Following the U.S. Army's adoption of its submachine gun, B&T USA is making available a limited number of semi-automatic-only short-barreled rifles and pistols based on the gun currently being used by the military.

New For 2023: Taurus Judge Home Defender

For 2023, Taurus USA now offers a unique version of its Judge revolver. The Taurus Judge Home Defender includes a lengthy barrel to increase muzzle velocity, and a polymer fore-end for additional support.

New For 2023: Bear Creek Arsenal Genes1s II

Though the company is mostly known for its AR-pattern rifles and components, Bear Creek Arsenal has an updated version of its Glock-pattern pistol known as the Genes1s II.

New For 2023: Rossi R95 Lever-Action

Known for its pistol-caliber and .22-cal. rimfire lever actions, for 2023, Rossi is moving into the high-power lever-action world with its .30-30 Winchester-chambered R95 rifles.

New For 2023: Tactical Solutions Owyhee Magnum

Patterned after the company's Owyhee bolt-action, currently the market's only bolt-action takedown rimfire, the Tactical Solutions Owyhee Magnum is chambered for the more-powerful .22 WMR.

New For 2023: Rock River Arms BT3 Operator ETR Carbine

Designed as the big brother of Rock River Arms' LAR-15 Operator ETR, the RRA BT3 Operator ETR carbine is built on the larger AR-10 platform and is chambered for .308 Win.

New For 2023: Weatherby 307 Series

Weatherby's new 307 series rifles are designed to allow users to customize to their heart's content, thanks to a Remington 700-compatible action that opens up a wide aftermarket of add-ons and upgrades.

New For 2023: Bersa BAR Series

After opening a U.S. manufacturing facility in Kennesaw, Ga., Bersa is now making AR-style handguns and rifles. The BAR series is available in a range of popular chamberings and sizes.

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