Filthy Firearm: AR Accuracy Testing at 10,000 Rounds

How clean does a rifle have to be to shoot well? Or better yet, how dirty is unacceptable?

Range Report: SIG P320 X-Carry—2,000 Rounds

Joe Kurtenbach completes the finale for the 2,000-round extended review of SIG Sauer’s P320 X-Carry pistol.

Shooting the Ruger EC9s Pistol

Ruger's new EC9s pistol fills the once noticeable hole in the market for budget-friendly single-stack 9 mm concealed-carry pistols.

Tested: Century Arms C93

Take a break from the AR and AK rifle platforms to enjoy the look and feel of a roller-locking C93 from Century Arms, which can be had for a reasonable price.

Still Marveling Over the Chronograph

To this non-technical handgunner, a chronograph is an almost magical device. I've been using them for about 35 years and still wonder at what they produce.

Review: LabRadar Chronograph

This cutting-edge LabRadar Doppler-radar chronograph provides features and functions that just can't be found on other commercial systems.


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