Colt Announces Series 70 Competition Pistol Line

Colt's Competition Pistol Line, which originally was offered with Colt's Series 80 firing system, will now feature Colt's Series 70 firing system with no added cost to the consumer.

Colt Announces Stainless Steel Competition Pistol Models

Following the announcement of the .38 Super caliber in its Competition Pistol Line, Colt has once again expanded the line by offering a series of stainless steel models.

Colt Competition Pistol Now in .38 Super

Colt has expanded its Competition Pistol line to include the .38 Super chambering.

Colt's New M1911s: The Competition Pistol and Lightweight Commander

Two new M1911s—the Competition Pistol and the revamped Lightweight Commander—prove that Colt is back on track.


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