NRA Whittington Center

Did you know that the NRA Whittington Center offers everything you need to build an unforgettable family vacation?

NRA Whittington Center

You’re probably familiar with the NRA Whittington Center (NRAWC) as the “crown jewel” of North American shooting ranges. But did you know that the NRAWC offers everything you need to build an unforgettable family vacation? Escape with us to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains to hike, ride, relax and experience the wildlife and history.

Shootist’s Holiday

Where else would a bunch of shooters vacation, but a Shootist’s Holiday?

.50 Sense

A week at Barrett’s long-range training courses will teach you the fundamentals of big-bore, extreme-distance shooting.

Survival Trial

A large part of self-defense is simple surviving. Sure, you want to be able to overcome all situations, but walking away unharmed will do for most of us, which is why we spend so much time training and learning.

Survival Trial III: Winterborn

In navigating approximately 120,000 acres, dealing with freezing temperatures and conducting multiple challenges, the competitors of Survival Trial III: Winterborn proved they could survive anything. Held at NRA Whittington Center in Raton, N.M., ST III was a test of survival skills, both urban and backcountry, and included orienteering, physical fitness, shooting and mental preparedness.

Learn to Shoot Two Miles at Whittington U

Get long-range training and more from the NRA Whittington Center's instructional division.

Aguila Ammunition Supports Youth Camp

"The NRA Whittington Center Youth Adventure Camp is one of America’s best outdoor youth camps in the country, and we are proud to continue our partnership with them," said Kristi Drawe, director of marketing for Aguila Ammunition/Texas Armament & Technology.

Five Reasons to Attend an NRA Women’s Wilderness Escape

Ladies, are you up for an outdoor adventure and open to meeting some new gal pals? NRA's Women's Wilderness Escapes provide an opportunity to experience outdoor recreational shooting with like-minded women from every walk of life.

NRA Women’s Wilderness Escape: An Adventure of a Lifetime

The NRA Whittington Center Women’s Wilderness Escape is an annual event that offers an opportunity for women of all ages and backgrounds to learn the basics of firearms in a comfortable and supportive environment with other like-minded women.


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