TOPS/Buck CSAR-T Fixed-Blade Knife

The Combat Search & Rescue Tool by Buck Knives is a no-nonsense knife with features that can handle more than just cutting.

Gallery: Fixed-Blade Survival Knives

Few tools are as useful to outdoor enthusiast in an emergency as a sturdy fixed blade knife.

Product Preview: Ruger Knives By CRKT

Rugged and reliable remain the watch words for Ruger as the company brings its family of knives to the outdoor sporting market.

Preview: NRA Cascade Fixed Blade Knife

The NRA Store teamed with Silver Stag Knives to develop this one-of-a-kind collectible – the NRA Cascade Fixed Blade Knife.

Field Tested: Utica Cutlery Company UTK Survival Series Knives

Utica Cutlery Company has offered a variety of edged implements over the years but only recently launched the UTK Survival series of large, fixed blade knives.

3 Handy Field Knives from BUDK

BUDK recognizes that outdoor enthusiasts have a variety of needs and budgets of different sizes when shopping for fixed-blade field knives.

Product Preview: Honshu Boshin Conqueror Bowie and Parang Survival Knives

Bud K brings a bit of Hollywood styling to this pair of hard working survival knives.

Preview: Cold Steel Mini Leatherneck

Cold Steel launched its Mini Leatherneck lineup of blades in 2021, giving consumers a compact, trim version of its popular Leatherneck knife.


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