Rifleman At War: Iraq

When NRA's Phil Schreier went to Iraq for “American Rifleman Television” he wasn't sure how he’d be received. He needn’t have worried; all were glad to see him.

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When things, go, well, not as planned.

Rifleman At War: Iraq

Some photographs of American Rifleman TV Correspondent Philip Schreier's recent trip to Iraq to document the men and equipment of our Armed Forces.

Shooting the "Digger"

As you may have noticed, this is the first time a Colt’s Automatic Gun, Model 1895 has appeared on the cover of American Rifleman. As Philip Schreier’s March 2013 cover story points out, this was the first machine gun model (mechanical guns such as the Gatling are not self-loading, fully automatic machine guns) used by the U.S. Army in combat. Of course we have Gatling video here, too.

The Devil’s Paintbrush

Get a closer look at the German Maxim 08/15, a “light” version of Germany’s Maxim gun.

Walther’s Pistol For Serious Duty

Rifleman's staff heads to the range with Walther's PPQ pistol on this week's show.

On Location at FTW with American Rifleman Television

Filming has started on a whole new season of "American Rifleman Television." Associate Editor Joseph L. Kurtenbach and the ARTV crew are wringing out the Ruger SR762 at FTW Ranch in Texas.

Rifleman TV's Crew Ringing Steel at 1,000 Yards

The American Rifleman Television crew is shooting long-range steel at 1,000 yards at FTW Ranch in Texas, banging 9" steel targets with the Ruger SR762. Look for the new episode next season.

Shooting in the Rain

The Rifleman TV crew is on the range at FTW in Texas. What effect does rain and a 30-degree temperature have on your bullet at long range? Associated Editor Joe Kurtenbach found out firsthand.

NRA Benefactor Honored at Prestigious National Event

Prominent gold and rare coins expert Michael Fuljenz, sponsor of ARTV's "I Have This Old Gun," was bestowed with multiple awards.

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