The World War II U.S. M1911 & M1911A1

During World War II, the .45 ACP M1911 and M1911A1 pistols were popular with American troops, and here we present some imagery of those who trained and fought with “old slabsides.”

The History of the Mannlicher-Schoenauer Carbine

By the time Hemingway got his hands on a Mannlicher-Schoenauer in 1930, the rifle’s basic design was nearly half-a-century old, its roots going back to one of the first turnbolt rifle designs, the Dreyse Needle Gun.

Auto-Ordnance Announces Custom "Squadron" 1911 Pistol

In honor of the pilots who flew in America’s defense during WWII, the gunmaker who brought us "Tommy Gun" and other classic firearms is now offering the Custom "Squadron" 1911 pistol.

The G.I. .45 M1911 In World War II

The .45-cal. M1911 and M1911A1 pistols saw widespread service in all theaters of the war and further cemented its stellar reputation as one of the finest military handguns of all time.

The Guns of Operation Market Garden

Field Editor Martin K.A. Morgan gives us an in-depth look at the men and guns of “A Bridge Too Far.”

Throwback Thursday: The Quick Draw from Sling Carry

Here is a lesson still relevant today from the “connoisseur of close combat” Lt. Col. Rex Applegate on how to get a rifle or carbine into action quickly from our April 1945 issue. When not going on commando raids or writing for Rifleman during the war, Lt. Col. Applegate was instructing Office of Strategic Services agents in close combat and gunfighting.

Favorite Firearms: A French Shotgun Brought Home

For one NRA member in Virginia, a French-made shotgun, the Robust No. 32 is a treasured firearm that was a acquired in Germany during World War II.

Bill Shadel Dons Uniform as War Correspondent

In honor of the 125th anniversary of American Rifleman, the following is an excerpt from the January, 1944 issue: Bill Shadel Dons Uniform as War Correspondent.

The Trophies of a Dough

The story of Sgt. Malcolm “Buck” Marsh’s "bring-backs" is chronicled in Adam Makos’ new book "Spearhead."

The Battle of France: Guns of Allied & Axis Troops

Seventy-five years ago, beginning on May 10, 1940, German forces struck against Western Europe, invading Holland, Belgium and France.

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