Ambidexterity Revisited

Wiley Clapp says it's important to understand that the ambidextrous pistol is not there to please left-handed shooters, but rather to offer a gun for all shooters that is more efficient for a greater variety of situations.

A Day at the Range with Wiley Clapp

While still a dream job, firearm evaluation can be hard work.I am fortunate to be a contributing editor to both American Rifleman and Shooting Illustrated magazines. Additionally, I write a blog for AmericanRifleman.org, as well as an occasional feature.

The .25 ACP: A Fightstopper?

A less than powerful round, the .25 ACP still seems to get the job done.

Speed Reload

Fast reloads come with technique and practice.

Shooting the Kimball

If ever there was a gun idea that had every chance in the world of going wild, the Kimball pistol was it

Guns for the .256 Win. Mag.

What ever happened to the supposed revolvers chambered for the .256 Win. Mag.?

Give Handloading a Try

I am advised that well under half of all active shooters use ammunition they have assembled in home reloading shops.

Bullet Basics

Guns can't hurt you (unless you drop one on your foot) but bullets fired from cartridges in the chambers of guns can and do produce a great deal of damage.

Clapp on Handguns: Grips—The Forgotten Advantage

Wiley Clapp personally laments the decline of a gun that he used for so long, thus he issues forth reasons why this should not happen.

Gunsite Academy Honors Wiley Clapp With Training Room Re-Name

A recent celebration at Gunsite Academy recognized American Rifleman Field Editor Wiley Clapp for his many accomplishments in the firearm industry.

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