The STI GP6 is a reasonably priced, high-quality handgun for competition and self-defense.

Handguns of the FBI

This chronology of FBI firearms reflects the major models carried by agents since they were officially allowed to carry handguns in 1934. It reflects the different roles agents have been required to perform, ranging from investigative work, to that of the field SWAT teams.

Holster Wear

Holster wear is the universal term used to describe rounded edges and removed bluing from handguns. However, quite often it’s actually something else that wore down the gun.

9.8 mm or 9.65 mm?

Both Colt and FN developed 1911 handguns in unique calibers for the Romanian army, but neither made it past the prototype stage. The ammunition for these guns was so similar that Wiley believes that they were basically the same.

200 Years Of Remington Highlights

Eliphalet “Lite” Remington, Jr.’s first rifle was a flintlock half-stock muzzleloader. It is thought that for the first 30 years of business, Remington produced only rifled barrels at the forge in Ilion.

Webley Mk4 Revolver

Webley provided revolvers for the British military for close to 30 years. Today, the Webley Mk 4 that hasn’t been rechambered for .45 ACP is the most collectible.

The Kahr .45s

Kahr Arms' personal-size .45s give more power to the people.

Colt Recall

Six 1911 models are affected.


Even before I was a peace officer, I was a little suspicious of people who used nickel-plated guns. The high shine never appealed to a guy who grew up with Parkerizing and tung-oil finished walnut.

1911s Tighter

Some believe that the original 1911s had tighter tolerances than today’s guns, but since they were intended for field duty that is probably not the case.

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