Product Preview: AMSOIL Firearm Lubricant

AMSOIL, a familiar and trusted name in automotive circles—an arena where performance matters—specializes in synthetic lubricants formulated, blended and packaged in the United States.

Tips & Techniques: Rough Cleaning

Shooting 10,000 rounds through a .45 automatic (SIG P220) in a single day was, to say the least, an educational experience.

Hogue Wrapter Firearm Grips

Thinner than a typical credit card, the black, rubberized adhesive material used to create Hogue’s Wrapter Grips adds a non-slip texture to polymer-frame handguns,

Firearm Museums

With summer winding down, many families are planning short vacations or day trips to visit attractions not far from home. It so happens there are some fine museums of particular interest to shooters, and since they are scattered widely throughout the U.S., there should be at least one within driving distance.

Product Preview: Montana X-treme Rimfire Solvent

Rimfire cartridges foul barreled actions with carbon, lead and even wax from bullet coatings.

Product Preview: DU-HA Tote

Made in Minnesota, the Tote from DU-HA is a polyethylene container designed to fit in most SUVs, trucks and vans.

Product Preview: DoubleStar Oops! Replacement Kit

Anyone who has built, modified or maintained an AR-15-style rifle is familiar with the firearm’s family of small springs and detents.

The Keefe Report: Be a Mentor to a New Shooter

With millions of Americans taking advantage of their right to keep and bear arms, it's time for gun owners to share information with those learning how to shoot.

With Guns Drawn: An Interview With Firearm Artist Lorin Michki

In an era of digital design, Lorin has gone old school, leveraging his traditional skills with pen and ink to visually connect with the golden age of firearms, illustrating gunpowder, steel and wood in all its glory.

The Real Scoop on Sound Suppression

Hollywood has done a terrific job at placing suppressors in a negative context.

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