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Primos Shooting Sticks and Accessories

Primos continues to expand its popular line of hunting and shooting accessories with a second generation of its shooting sticks.

Product Preview: Bog-Pod RSR

The Rapid Shooting Rest (RSR) from Bog-Pod features the company’s Switcharoo head—a versatile cradle that spins freely, providing shooters with a support that is adaptive and helpful during multi-target engagements.

Special Section: Covering the Basics of Shooting

Basic skills are the foundation of good shooting, and even seasoned shooters can use a refresher course.

Shooting Stances

In today’s handgun world, there are two main upright shooting stances-the Isosceles and the Weaver-from which other stances have evolved. While the Weaver is probably better known, the Isosceles is more commonly taught to beginners. From the article "Choosing a Handgun Shooting Stance."

Best Shooting Advice I Ever Received

All great shooters started out as beginners, and developed their expertise through practice and valuable advice from friends and mentors. We asked some of the greats of our day to give us their best piece of shooting advice in hopes their lessons can make a better shooter out of you.

Eight Awesomely Bad Shooting Tips

In an effort to rid the firearms world of these damaging misconceptions, we surveyed eight professional shooters and writers to get their best examples of shooting advice gone wrong. Learn them, know them and be sure to scold anyone who has the gall to offer up any of these awesomely bad shooting tips.

Fundamentals of Handgun Shooting

All shooters begin at the same place?the basics. Even professional shooters start with the fundamentals before expanding their skills and becoming champions. Start with the basics to become an expert.

Shooting Accessories

There's nothing like getting out of the house to enjoy a day of shooting. Adding a few items to your shooting equipment set can make trigger time even better.

NRA's National Police Shooting Championships Return to Albuquerque

This month's NRA National Police Shooting Championships (NPSC) held at Albuquerque's Shooting Range Park should see more than 700 police officers, federal agents and lawmen flocking its grounds.

Surge in Collegiate Shooting Programs

More college students are ditching the Xbox One and PS4, and going to the range for trigger time instead. Some are long-time shooters, others getting their first exposure ever to firearms.

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