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More Ammo?

A recent trip to the store revealed more ammunition on the shelves, but there were still some conspicuous absences.

Conducting Drills

The step after developing a home-defense plan is testing that plan to determine if everyone understands assigned duties and will react in the proper manner.

Tunnel Vision

Most of us have experienced tunnel vision at some point in our lives, concentrating on one object so hard that everything else just sort of fades away.

First Responders

Bystanders are often the first people to help during a crisis, such as an attack. While medical skills are beneficial in these situations, willingness to help is the main attribute needed.

Reloading with RCBS

While California is not known as a haven for gun owners, it has been home to RCBS for 70 years. Best known for its dies, RCBS makes almost every type of equipment for reloading.

Moving Targets

An assailant is not going to stand still during an attack, and neither should you, so knowing how to fire on the move and hit a moving target is an important skill to learn.

Lack of Curiosity or Concern

It seems that more and more people have a lack of curiosity and concern about what is happening around them, including potential dangerous situations.

Surviving Anywhere

If your car slid into a ditch in the middle of nowhere, do you have the skills and gear to survive until rescue? It doesn’t take much.

Snow Bound

Being prepared means thinking about the little things that could help you handle an emergency just a little bit faster.

The Steyr Elite 08

Getting the job done.

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