Review: CMMG Mk47 Mutant Rifle

While AR-style rifles are now well-established—those who initially rejected Stoner’s black rifle have not only lost the battle, they’ve lost the war—there remains legitimate debate regarding the suitability of the 5.56x45 mm NATO chambering for certain roles.

DPMS Panther Arms AP4 LR-308

The AP4 LR-308 look like its little brother, the M4 carbine. But looks can be deceiving.

"America's Rifle" Exhibit Debuts at NRA National Firearms Museum

A new exhibit at the NRA National Firearms Museum, “America’s Rifle,” examines the evolution and popularity of AR-style rifles.

Keefe Report: So ... Why Is My Gun Backordered?

The reason you are still waiting for that firearm you ordered from your local dealer goes much deeper than supply and demand.

Product Preview: Delta 14 Chassis For M1A/M14-Style Rifles

Owners of M1A-style rifles have long faced limited stock options. The Delta 14 chassis—molded of a strong yet lightweight glass-filled nylon—addresses that by allowing users to assemble their own unique configurations.

Savage Introduces MSR 15 Competition Rifle

Savage Arms has introduced the MSR 15 Competition rifle, now on dealers' shelves.

Brownells At-Home Dream Rifle Build: A Lightweight AR-Style Carbine

Whether you are looking for a one-stop-shopping solution or to cherry-pick a few prime parts, Brownells is a great place to get started on your next home build dream AR project.

Tested: Modern Outfitters MC6 Carbine

The author's quest to create his ultimate versatile AR rifle leads him to some unique choices. Did he finally get his "one rifle"?

5 All-New AR-Style Guns Seen At SHOT Show 2020

Among the many new firearms released at SHOT Show 2020 were several AR-style guns (and one receiver). Check them out here.

New For 2023: Rock River Arms BT3 Predator HP 65C

Rock River Arms expanded its semi-automatic AR-style rifle lineup with a precision option chambered for the popular 6.5 mm Creedmoor. The company's BT3 Predator HP 65C is designed for precision shooting or varmint hunting.


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