Latest Loads: High-Volume 9 mm Luger

Becoming an accomplished, defensive-minded pistol shooter requires significant trigger time. This 9 mm Luger load will give you plenty of rounds for practice.

DS Arms B&T TP9 Pistol

The Swiss make more than just watches.

Nighthawk Lady Hawk

A 9 mm 1911 built for small-statured shooters.

Tested: Ruger 9 mm SR1911 Commander Pistol

It seems that almost all major and many custom 1911 builders have some type of 9 mm pistol in their lineups, and Ruger, with its SR1911 Commander, is no exception.

Review: CZ P-10 M

Five years after the release of the P-10 in 2016, CZ-USA introduced a new, more compact version of its successful striker-fired, polymer-framed pistol with the CZ P-10 M. 

Nines From Neverland

Here's a gun trivia question to delight the minutiae-minded: Name five 9 mm cartridges that at least 80 percent of today's shooters never heard of. I

SCCY Industries CPX-2 9 mm Pistol

This 10+1 capacity carry pistol has a price to fit any budget.

9 mm Winchester Magnum

A neat round that just didn't make it.

EAA Witness 9 mm Luger

The Witness pistol from EAA brings back a proven and reliable classic that reminds us of the features sometimes lost on modern compact handguns.

A Blowback 9 mm?

There are two basic types of automatic pistol mechanisms, known as actions. One is the blowback; while the other is known as recoil operated

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