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Primos Shooting Sticks and Accessories

Primos continues to expand its popular line of hunting and shooting accessories with a second generation of its shooting sticks.

Product Preview: Spartan Javelin Bipod

Combining carbon-fiber construction and a powerful magnet, the Javelin Bipod from Spartan Precision Equipment provides a solid shooting platform in a lightweight, minimalist package.

Tips & Techniques: Advanced Stickology

Three-legged shooting sticks are almost universally used in African hunting. They get you above low vegetation and off the ground, away from thorns and creepy-crawlies.

3 Great Shooting Aids: Old & New Options For Steadying Shots

When it comes to hunting, stability can one of the most important factors in making an ethical shot. Here are three shooting aids that can help hunters get stable while not having to carry around a lot of extra weight.

MAD Gunner Tri-StiX

The MAD Gunner Tri-StiX features three legs and a connector that allows the third leg to swing forward or backward to accommodate any situation.

Preview: Primos Trigger Stick Apex Carbon Fiber Tripod

One of the best ways to enhance shooting stability in the field is with a tripod, but weight is a huge consideration that often keeps hunters and shooters from taking advantage of one.


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