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Starbucks Support

Starbucks, which allows firearms to be carried in its stores under state, local and federal laws, is being boycotted by an anti-gun group. Another group is showing its support of the company’s policy.

Ruger Launches 2 Million Gun Challenge

At just the right time, Sturm, Ruger once again is stepping forward in a big way, pledging to donate $2 to the NRA for each new Ruger firearm sold between the 2015 and 2016 NRA Annual Meetings, with the goal of giving $4 million. Ruger's donation will benefit the NRA Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) during the critical 2016 election year.


If you don’t make your voice heard at the polls today, quit complaining.

Iowa Legalizes Suppressors

After a three-year push by your National Rifle Association, in conjunction with the American Suppressor Ass’n and the Iowa Firearms Coalition, Gov. Terry Branstad signed House File 2279 into law March 31.

Fear & Loading: Illinois Sanctuary Counties Growing

Twenty-six Illinois counties have passed a “gun sanctuary” measure with wording designed to symbolical prevent their staff and sheriff’s department from enforcing state laws that violate the Second Amendment.

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Gun Rights

The Supreme Court has extended the federally protected right to Keep and Bear Arms to all 50 states.

Fear & Loading: Couric's Distorted Documentary

When Katie Couric asked gun rights activists how we could stop terrorists and convicted felons from buying firearms if there were no background checks, their answer was immediate.

Fear & Loading: Registration/Ban Measures Launch Virginia 2A Sanctuary Movement

Sixty-eight counties, 10 cities and nine towns in the commonwealth of Virginia have sent a message to newly elected liberal state legislators taking office next month.

NRA-ILA on COVID-19 Shutdown: Are Your Gun Rights at Risk?

Are your Second Amendment rights at risk during the COVID-19 quarantine? Check this page for the latest updates on the fight to keep and bear arms.


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