To Arm Against an Enemy: Colonial Williamsburg Highlights Small Arms of the Revolution

A new exhibit at the DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum at Virginia's Colonial Williamsburg seeks to showcase the vast array of guns and edged weapons used in the fight for American independence.

Touring the Newly Refurbished Cody Firearms Museum

The newly refurbished museum now puts the collection front and center in a way that will enthrall the average museum-goer and satisfy any avid gun enthusiast.

Product Preview: Steinel 8x22 mm Nambu Ammunition

Steinel Ammunition has released a cartridge specifically for Type 94 and Type 14 Nambus, with its 8x22 mm Nambu ammunition.

The Manville Gun: From Real Life To The Big Screen

I’m a sucker for action films, and when The Dogs of War was released in 1980, I rushed out to see it.

World War I Pistols: Trench Sweepers

Elite Belgian and French “trench sweepers” used Browning-designed FN and Colt pistols in the perilous job of clearing the trenches of World War I battlefields.

A Look Back at the Mosin-Nagant 91/30

One of the hardest working rifles in history, the Mosin-Nagant is like a lot of Russian firearms: somewhat crude in design, but very well made—and very dependable.

American Ingenuity on Display: The VMI Firearms Collection

Virginia Military Institute's collection of early American repeating firearms, Civil War weapons and U.S. martial arms showcases how American ingenuity influenced firearm development around the world.

A Look Back at the Winchester Model 88 Rifle

This bolt-action rifle operated by a lever was ahead of its time.

Giving Ugly Guns A Second Chance

One way or another, those of us who are devoted to shooting will eventually end up with at least one ugly handgun. Here are a few guns with a new lease on life, thanks to some custom gunsmithing work.

The Other Great Guns of John Browning

Dozens of other famous firearms would never have existed were it not for Browning. He was the most prolific and innovative gun designer during the early years of what we know as the modern-day firearm.

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