The Most Important Defensive Tool

If you say “Personal Defense” to most people I expect they would immediately start thinking about guns.

The Failure Drill

There may be a lot of reasons why two shots to an attacker's vital zone fails to put him down.

Failure Drill Comments

My colleague and friend Jim Wilson recently commented on the Failure Drill. In doing so, he kicked over a hornet's nest.

Defensive Awareness: Understanding the Color Code

Being aware of what is going on around you greatly increases your ability to spot trouble and often to avoid it entirely.

The El Presidente Drill

Although the “El Presidente” shooting drill was devised some years ago, it is still an excellent way for the defensive shooter to test his skills and, hopefully, document improvement in his training and practice.

Tips for Maintaining a Defensive Handgun

One thing’s for sure: Good-quality defensive handguns aren't cheap. The good news is that when properly maintained, they can last for years and years.

Holiday Awareness and Defense

In the defensive Color Code, we refer to a state of relaxed awareness as Condition Yellow. The simple fact is that it is very difficult to remain alert and aware of all that is going on around you in the easiest of times. During the holiday season, it is even more difficult.

Sheriff's Tips: Watch Their Hands

While the eyes are the window to the soul, it is the hands that hold the threat to the honest citizen.

Sheriff's Tips: Pay It Forward—Get Them Started

Sheriff Jim Wilson offers suggests for helping a new shooter take those first baby steps.

Sheriff's Tips: Just Hit the Target

The gun you carry is not nearly as important as your ability to hit the mark with whatever gun you can afford to carry and like to carry.

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