As an infantry guy, I called for illumination quite often. It usually came from mortars or howitzers, but occasionally from naval gunfire or aerial flares.

Terminology: Thumbrest

Thumbrest is a term associated with handgun grips. Usually it refers to revolvers, but some automatic pistols also have grips that include a thumbrest.


People approach handloading from different perspectives. When I was moving every few years in the service, handloading just didn't seem to be practical.

Rant on Targets

I live in the state of Nevada, a glorious place of open spaces and gun-friendly politicians. For a gun guy, you couldn't find a better place to live and work.


Even before I was a peace officer, I was a little suspicious of people who used nickel-plated guns. The high shine never appealed to a guy who grew up with Parkerizing and tung-oil finished walnut.

1911s Tighter

Some believe that the original 1911s had tighter tolerances than today’s guns, but since they were intended for field duty that is probably not the case.

Gun Quotes

There are many interesting quotes on the use of firearms. Some are known, while others are anonymous.

Gun Quotes Revisited

Continuing his interesting look into quotes about firearms and their use, Wiley shares a gold nugget from the father of the Modern Gun Technique.


When the revolver was king, many folks replaced factory grips with Pachmayr grips, or “Packies” as they were referred to by some.

1911 Handling

While in the Marine Corps, Wiley competed in NRA Outdoor Pistol, and was taught a peculiar way of handling a 1911.

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