I Have This Old Gun ... Remington New Model 1889 Side-By-Side Shotgun

America’s oldest firearm company, Remington Arms, celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2016 with an impressive array of commemoratives.

Tested: Standard Mfg. Co. DP-12 Shotgun

A sea change in defensive shotgun design has occurred during the past decade. Beyond upgrading existing platforms, the trend has been to find unconventional ways to maximize firepower from a small platform.

Merkel Model 40e Side-By-Side Shotgun Review

While some German makers have devoted themselves to more modern, technologically advanced shotguns, Merkel still makes traditional Teutonic over-unders, side-by-sides and drillings.

Video: Winchester Model 24 Shotgun

Watch this "I Have This Old Gun" segment from a recent episode of American Rifleman TV, which features the utilitarian Winchester Model 24 shotgun.

Filling a Niche: FN's Early Side-by-Sides

Best known for producing the John Browning-designed Auto-5 semi-automatic and Superposed over-under shotguns, Belgium’s Fabrique Nationale also made side-by-side double guns. And they had nothing to do with John Browning.

Franchi Highlander

Franchi Highlander

Side by Side Shotguns Championship Part 2

Side by Side Shotguns Championship Part 2

Side-by-Side Shotguns Championship Part 1

Side-by-Side Shotguns Championship Part 1

Uncle Dan's EE Grade Lefever

Dan Lefever built the first hammerless side-by-side shotgun

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