NRA "Freedom's Safest Place" Gear

Distinguish yourself as a freedom-loving patriot with the’s new line of official Freedom’s Safest Place gear.

Product Preview: NRA Belladonna Concealed-Carry Purse

The Cameleon Belladonna Concealed Carry Purse delivers fashion-forward style and functionality—in the form of an easily accessible CCW compartment.

Product Preview: NRA Concealed Carry Coat

The NRA Concealed Carry Canvas Coat, offered at the NRA Store, balances concealment with style so you can look and feel good – while safely carrying concealed.

Product Preview: NRA Tactical Micro Tools

The last thing any shooter wants is to the range, only to find a glitch that keeps his firearm from running smoothly.

NRA Pistol Wear: Convertible Security Holster

The Convertible Security Holster is designed for a cool, comfortable, lightweight and discreet fit.

Mentor May—Take a New Shooter to the Range

The countdown has begun for the launch of the NRA Mentor Initiative, a nationwide movement that will run the entire month of May in an effort to help millions of new gun owners and budding shooters.

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