Tonight on American Rifleman TV: Marlin Firearms Today; Thompson/Center Compass Rifle

Want to know the history of the Marlin Firearms Company and how it makes guns today? Tune in to ARTV tonight.

L. C. Smith Shotguns

In his latest book, the author put together his “bucket list” of guns he intends to own. On it, he included a classic American double, the L.C. Smith, better known as “Sweet Elsie.”

"M42" UD (United Defense) Submachine Gun

The M42 was invented by Carl Swebilius, and was used by the OSS for clandestine operations in World War II.

Enhanced Parts for Marlin Lever-Actions

DRC Firearms produces enhanced parts for shooters to customize and improve their Marlin lever-actions.

Marlin Firearms Factory Tour

Marlin Firearms Factory Tour

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