Single-Shot .22 Handguns

Marksmanship competition once spurred the development of handguns with some unusual characteristics.

The Hession Rifle

With the London Olympics now over, it’s time for a little history lesson on British disarmament. It is a tale told best by one very special rifle.

Camp Perry

The NRA National Matches attract the elite shooters from around the country all trying to put a small piece of metal into the X-ring.

Askins’ Hot Rod

I talked about the 5.5 mm Velo Dog cartridge a while back and referred to its use as the parent cartridge for Col. Charles Askins' wildcat .22.

The National Match M1

The M1 was potentially as accurate as any service rifle ever made.

Garand Accurizing: Grooming the Garand for Perry

"The NRA sent Staffman John S. Rose...to Springfield Armory, with orders to get the answers from the one man who is qualified to give them-John C. Garand."

One for the Record Books: Camp Perry 1921

In honor of the 125th anniversary of American Rifleman, the following is an excerpt from the September 15, 1921 issue: Camp Perry.

Small Arms Firing School at Camp Perry

Small Arms Firing School at Camp Perry

National Pistol Championships at Camp Perry

National Pistol Championships at Camp Perry

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