Back to Basics: Primers

It may be small, but without the little bang of the primer, there is no big bang of the gun.

Back to Basics: Center-fire Cartridge Cases

Ever since the first firearms, the notion of combining bullet, powder and priming has been highly sought after.

Back to Basics: Gunpowder

Gunpowder is so fundamental to firearms, it’s amazing that so few know much about it other than it makes a big noise and smells funny.

Back to Basics: Trajectory

The term “trajectory” is often bantered about in discussing ballistics, but few truly understand it.

Back to Basics: Rifle Barrels

Barrel construction and profile are purpose built and have a major influence on how well the rifle performs what is asked of it.

Back to Basics: Cast Bullets

Old fashioned or out of date? Nothing could be further than the truth. Cast bullets are perfectly fine for as much as 90 percent of your shooting needs, and they extend the amount of shooting you can do by making your projectiles much less expensive.

Back to Basics: Iron Sights

Let’s take a closer look at these things we call sights and determine the best way to utilize them.

Back to Basics: Rifling

The purpose of rifling is to impart a spin to a projectile as it is thrust through the air in order to stabilize it and allow it to be more accurate.

Back to Basics: Rifle Stocks—Part 2

The second installment of "Rifle Stocks" looks at bedding platforms, materials and finishes.

Back to Basics: Rifle Stocks—Part 1

This first in a two-part series on rifle stocks focuses on the primary stock components and design.

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