Tristar Matrix 01

New For 2023: TriStar Arms Matrix

TriStar's latest shotgun is a semi-automatic design with an inertia-driven action that's designed to run reliably with a range of popular shotshells.

Marines & The M1 Garand: The First 400

Some would argue the M1 Garand is "the greatest battle implement ever devised," however the rifle that replaced the M1903 Springfield certainly had its share of setbacks, especially while capturing attention of the U.S. Marine Corps.

Review: Century Arms BFT47

Century Arms has launched a new flagship AK-pattern rifle chambered in 7.62x39 mm. Called the BFT47, it’s designed to be a step up from basic semi-automatic models while maintaining an affordable price point.

Gun of the Week: Davidson’s Exclusive Ruger 10/22 Compact Leopard

Watch American Rifleman staff on the range this week with the Davidson's Exclusive Ruger 10/22 Compact Leopard, a ubiquitous rimfire repeater that wears a unique finish.

Rifleman Review: Rock River Arms Assurance Carbine

While designed for law-enforcement and government use, the Rock River Arms Assurance Carbine is available in semi-automatic format for the commercial market.

Favorite Firearms: A Rifleman Pedigree

Had I not stumbled across this little gem in my late father’s collection, I wouldn’t have learned about U.S. Army Capt. K.K.V. Casey and his extraordinary shooting ability in the early 20th century or how he’d won several competitions, one of which earned him this Remington Model 11 12-ga. semi-automatic shotgun.

FN Reflex: A Micro-Compact For The Masses

For decades, FN America’s firearms have catered to the premium tier of gun owners. Now the company is appealing to the wider firearm market with a well-developed CCW gun that is reasonably priced.

Review: Kimber Micro 9 ESV (MC)(TP)

The Micro 9 ESV (MC)(TP) is a compact, recoil-operated, semi-automatic, centerfire pistol patterned after the time-tested M1911 design, albeit much smaller.

Classy Companion: Henry’s Homesteader 9 mm PCC

With wood furniture and sporting-rifle styling—and compatibility with several popular brands of semi-automatic handgun magazines—this handy new pistol-caliber carbine stands out from the crowd.

Product Preview: KynSHOT RB5022

KynSHOT offers a hydraulic recoil buffer for Rock Island Armory’s popular VR80 semi-automatic shotgun that provides many advantages...

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