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What's Your Favorite Cartridge?

What's your favorite cartridge? Share it here.

Create Your Own Cartridge

Ever wanted to create a cartridge? Here's your chance.

Justification for Existence: The .380 Auto

Is the .380 Auto a worthwhile cartridge? Let's get your opinions.

Helping Veterans and Children with Autism through Ammunition Purchases

Want to give back to veterans and help children with autism? Here's how.

Hard-To-Find Rifle And Handgun Ammunition

Here's a source for ammunition in those unusual rifle and handgun chamberings.

Choose One: 130- Or 150-Gr. Bullets In The .270 Win.?

Here, the author reconsiders his bullet selection for the .270 Win.

Justification for Existence: The .41 Rem. Mag.

Is the .41 Rem. Mag. a has-been cartridge? What's your take?

Federal Field & Range Steel Game & Target Loads

Federal's Field & Range Steel Game & Target loads are a good choice when the range or hunting grounds required a non-lead option.

Justification for Existence: The .30-30 Win.

Given its age and modest external ballistics, is the .30-30 Win.'s existence justified? It's your call.

Federal Premium Personal Defense Low Recoil .45 Auto Ammunition

Federal Premium's Personal Defense Low Recoil ammunition will less the felt recoil of your favorite .45 Auto-chambered pocket pistol.

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