When Worlds Collide–Smith’s SW22 Victory

Can Smith & Wesson declare supremacy in the “Rimfire Wars”? Maybe. We’ll at least acknowledge that the SW22 Victory is an all-around-excellent pistol.

America’s Military Revolvers

Though some fixed- cartridge revolvers were used during the American Civil War, it wasn’t until the U.S. Army officially adopted the now-famous Colt Single Action Army revolver in .45 Colt cal. in 1873 that the cartridge revolver came into its own in U.S. military service.

Politicians Graded on Guns at NRA-PVF

Currently 34 states have provisions for early voting, and another three have an all-mail voting system. Before heading to the polls, NRA members can find out how their candidates fare on firearms at the website of the NRA Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF), NRA's political action committee.

Rifleman Q&A: Patchwork S&W Victory

Can you identify the revolver in the enclosed photos? I believe it is made on the Smith & Wesson “N” frame.

Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory Target Pistol

Want a .22 target pistol you can easily take down and reassemble? Take a look at Smith & Wesson's SW22 Victory.

Zeiss Victory RF Optics

The Victory is part of a new class of “optronic” instruments-which marry optical and electronic components-that do the thinking for you.

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