Book Preview: The Kalashnikov Encyclopaedia 2nd Edition

It is fitting that one of the largest reference books ever published covering firearms is about the most produced firearm in the history of the world.

Unexpected Collectibles: Molot VEPR Rifles

What would you do with an unexpected collectible in a factory-fresh, unfired condition? Here's how a Bucket List wish was spoiled by a shift in U.S. international policy.

Editors’ Picks 2017: Crimson Trace AK LiNQ

Crimson Trace introduced the LiNQ for the AR platform to great acclaim last year, and for 2017 the Oregon-based company has expanded the line with a new model that is compatible instead with Kalashnikov-pattern rifles (and, coincidentally, the Springfield M1A CQB).

Three Hundred Words: The World's Most Prolific Rifle

By October of 1941, Operation Barbarossa was in full swing. From Latvia to Crimea, the entire western boundary of the Soviet Union was crumbling beneath the feet of 4 million Axis troops.

Video: Chinese Type 56 Rifle (AK-56)

Watch this "I Have This Old Gun" segment from a recent episode of American Rifleman TV as the experts discuss the most popular of AK-47 variants, the Chinese Type 56 (AK-56) rifle.

Review: Century Arms RAS47

This stamped receiver RAS47 from Century Arms is affordably priced and 100-percent American made.

Clocking the Glock

Thirty years ago, I took my first job in the gunwriting business. As an avid shooter during my U.S. Marine and law enforcement years, I was convinced that I had found paradise.

Weapons Of Peace

In the middle of an economic crisis fueled by plummeting oil prices and economic sanctions by the free world, Kalashnikov Concern is investing in an expensive rebranding and reorganization.

Farewell to Mikhail Kalashnikov

Mark Keefe remarks on the news of Mikhail Kalashnikov's death.

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