The Grouseland Rifle: A Longrifle by John Small

A Revolutionary War veteran and one of the leading men in the “Old Northwest,” John Small was also perhaps the finest gunsmith to work west of the Appalachian Mountains”—and one of his rifles is the official rifle of Indiana. Respected longrifle gunsmith Marvin Kemper has recreated it.

Fear & Loading: The Ultimate Colt Collectible?

A Colt Model 1883 Gatling Gun, complete with original field carriage and two drum magazines, is one of the items up for bid when Rock Island Auction Company holds its Sept. 9-11 event.'s Top-Selling Firearms for May 2016

What guns were Americans buying in late spring 2016?

Sold! The $1.26 Million Winchester 1886 Rifle

It’s the most expensive single firearm sold at auction, according to Rock Island Auction Company. Pairs of guns have gone for more, but this one’s connection to the surrender of Chiricahua Apache Chief Geronimo and impeccable condition added up to a new world-record on April 30.'s Top-Selling Firearms for March 2016

What guns were Americans buying as 2016 ushered in spring? Those listed by as best-sellers for March 2016—both new and used—have been covered extensively by American Rifleman. Check the list here and learn more about these guns.

Up For Auction: Henry Repeating Arms Iron Frame Rifle

When the Henry Repeating Arms Model 1860 went into production, only about 200 rifles were manufactured with iron frames before the more common brass frame was adopted.

Elmer Keith’s Guns

He was one of—if not the—foremost firearm writers in the 20th century, and part of his collection is up for auction.

Rock Island Auction Company

If you've ever dreamed of owning a rare firearm, all it might take is a click of your mouse.

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