Fear & Loading: Anti-Gun Kroger Layoffs

Publicly traded Kroger Company is laying off hundreds of employees, according to CNBC and Supermarket News.

Fear & Loading: Facts from the Latest FBI Report

Handguns led the way in the list of firearm types used by private citizens to stop felons in the commission of a felony.

Fear & Loading: Another Double-Digit Jump in Gun Sales

Fresh off August’s gun-sales increase of nearly 16 percent, September’s NICS figures indicate purchases last month were up more than 10 percent when compared to the same reporting period last year.

Fear & Loading: Spirit of Blue Grants Tourniquets to Kentucky PD

The Spirit of Blue Foundation has awarded a Safety Equipment Grant to a Kentucky Police Department to outfit its 110 officers with tourniquets and duty belt cases.

Fear & Loading: Gun Sales—Up Nearly 16 Points in August

The increase comes on the heels of modest gains posted in July, June and May, although it’s still too early to predict whether this year’s total will beat 2018’s numbers.

Fear & Loading: SAAMI Publishes Accepted 12-gauge 1 3/4-inch Cartridge Specs

Specifications for Federal's new 12-gauge 1 3/4" Smooth Bore Barrel cartridge—the Shorty—has been recognized and approved by SAAMI.

Fear and Loading: Top 10 FFL and NFA States

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives recently released its “Firearms Commerce in the United States, Annual Statistical Update 2019.”

Fear & Loading: DOJ Requests Scope App User Info

Outrage created by a Department of Justice application for a court order demanding Google and Apple provide names, numbers and personal information of anyone who downloaded a smartphone app for night vision optics has created “new users” who don’t own a program-cable scope.

NRA’s Eddie Eagle Reaches 32 Million Children

NRA’s groundbreaking gun accident prevention course for children has achieved yet another milestone by reaching its 32 millionth child.

Fear & Loading: 5 Virtues of the Crimson Trace CWL-300

The Crimson Trace CWL-300 handheld tactical flashlight provides uncluttered performance in a small and reliable package, one that’s rugged enough to survive and thrive when the unthinkable happens—whether it’s an armed home invader or hurricane pounding down the door. 

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