Caldwell Introduces AK-47 Mag Charger

Following the success of the AR-15 Mag Charger, which won an American Rifleman 2015 Golden Bullseye for Accessory Product of the Year, Caldwell (a Battenfeld Technologies brand) has introduced the AK-47 (7.62x39) Mag Charger.

American Rifleman 2015 Golden Bullseye Award Winners

The editors of American Rifleman have announced this year's recipients of the magazine's most prestigious award.

Smith & Wesson Buys Battenfeld Technologies

The cash deal will deliver to S&W a thriving accessories and innovation company.

Lock, Stock & Barrel: Caldwell AR-15 Mag Charger

It doesn't take long to empty a 30-round AR-15 magazine; reloading them, well, that's a different story—until now, that is. Check out this handy device from Caldwell.

Caldwell Introduces Mag Charger

The Mag Charger works with all AR-15 magazines and makes loading faster and easier.

Caldwell CrossWind Professional Meter

The Caldwell CrossWind Professional Meter provides precise measurements for accurate shots.

Caldwell DeadShot FieldPod

The Caldwell Deadshot Fieldpod is light, fully adjustable and conforms to any gun or crossbow.

Caldwell Magnum Rifle Gong

The Caldwell Magnum Rifle Gong is built to withstand repeated shots from most handgun and rifle cartridges.

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