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Rifleman Review: FN 509 Tactical

Watch this American Rifleman Television segment of Rifleman Review from 2019 to learn more about the Fabrique Nationale FN 509 Tactical polymer-framed, striker-fired handgun that is also suppressor and optic-mounting ready.

New For 2021: M&P Spec Series Kit

Smith & Wesson is set to offer brand loyalists with a limited edition kit that includes its well-regarded M&P9 M2.0 Optic-Ready pistol.

I Have This Old Gun: Dutch Luger

In this American Rifleman TV segment of "I Have This Old Gun," we take a look at the features and history of one of the German designed P08 Luger semi-automatic service pistol as used by the Dutch military.

Building A Non-Glock 'Glock:' A DIY Kit From Brownells & Rival Arms

In this review, we take a look at the process and result of building a custom Glock-style handgun in 9 mm from a kit provided by Rival Arms and Brownells.

Rifleman Review: Remington R51

In this American Rifleman TV segment of "Rifleman Review," we take a look at the Remington R51 handgun which is a modernized version of the Model 51.


In this review we take a look at the new CPX-3RD .380 ACP pistol from SCCY Industries.

Tested: SIG Sauer 365 Micro 9 mm Ammunition

These ballistically matched defense and practice-grade 9 mm ammunition loads from SIG Sauer have been tuned for top-notch performance in popular micro 9 pistols.

Video—ARTV: Springfield XD Mod. 2 4" 9 mm Pistol Review

In this ARTV segment, Joe Kurtenbach reviews the Springfield XD Mod. 2 4" 9 mm pistol.

NRA Gun Gear of the Week: SIG Sauer P320 X-Carry

American Rifleman's Joe Kurtenbach takes a quick look at the SIG Sauer P320 X-Carry, his next 2,000-round extended review selection.

Walther CCP Compact 9 mm

When it comes to physics, rules are rules, right? A gun of a certain chambering has to be a certain size—well, not necessarily. With its gas-delayed blowback CCP, Walther offers a carry-size 9 mm that is surprisingly soft-shooting and ergonomic to boot.

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