Video: Making Ruger .22s

American Rifleman TV visits the Ruger factory in Prescott, Ariz., for a closer look at the production of the gunmaker's .22-caliber firearms.

Tonight on American Rifleman TV: The Men and Guns of the Pacific War, Part 5

Check out this week's preview of American Rifleman TV where the crew heads to Iwo Jima for Part 5 of our series on The Men and Guns of the Pacific War.

Video—Men and Guns of the Battle of the Bulge, Part 2

The ARTV crew stands on the hallowed ground of Malmedy, where 86 American prisoners of war were executed by the Germans, and then goes to the spot were the Nazi offensive ended. Watch more in this feature segment of a recent episode of American Rifleman Television.

Ending “The War To End All Wars”

On Nov. 11, 1918, an armistice ended combat on the Western Front.

Video—I Have This Old Gun: Femaru 37M Pistol

The Femaru 37M pistol is a World War II-era Hungarian firearm—a period in which the country was allied with Nazi Germany.

Video—Rifleman Review: Navy Arms Centennial Model 1873 Winchester Presentation Model

For the centennial anniversary of the Buffale Bill Center of the West, in Cody, Wyo., Winchester released their Navy Arms Cetennial Model 1873 Presentation Model.

Tonight on ARTV: Inside Benelli; Springfield Armory Saint Victor; U.S. M1918 BAR

Join ARTV tonight on Outdoor Channel as we head to Italy for an inside look at Benelli, one of Italy’s …

Tonight on ARTV: Benelli’s Super Black Eagle; Taurus G3; British Snider

This week, ARTV heads to Italy to tell the story of Benelli’s Super Black Eagle shotgun. For Rifleman Review, we review the Taurus G3, and for I Have This Old Gun, we look at the British Snider-Enfield

Quarantine With ARTV Free Preview

Stuck at home? Take a chance to check out "American Rifleman TV" with this free preview opportunity!

ARTV: The Springfield Armory Story

Springfield Armory Inc., based in Geneseo, Ill., was founded in the early 1970s when Bob Reese took over the manufacturing machinery formerly used by Elmer Ballance to produce M1A rifles.

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