A Perfectly Delightful Cartridge

Among the calibers that came from the military is the 7x57 mm Mauser.

Hornady Superformance Ammunition

Speed and performance don’t have to be painful.

Hornady Superformance Ammunition

Hornady Superformance Ammunition

Something For Nothing: Hornady's Superformance Ammunition

Hornady’s Superformance ammunition enhances ballistics without increasing pressure.

Federal Premium HeavyWeight Turkey 20-Gauge

When turkey hunting, where you may get only one shot all season, I recommend shooting the most potent load available.

Sierra Bullets Infinity Mobile Software Preview

Sierra Bullets Infinity Mobile Software Preview

Nosler’s Big-Game Bullets

Nosler’s lineup includes five “premium” big-game rifle projectiles.

How to Make and Reload Wax Bullets

Wax bullets provide safe and inexpensive indoor target practice.

Understanding .327 Federal Mag. Ballistics

The .327 Federal Mag. is not a better approach to achieving terminal performance; it’s just a different approach.

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